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he Universal Instructional Trainer features movable control surfaces, high or low wing capability, engines with propellers, landing gear, and magnets to control the center of gravity. Perfect for instructors to help demonstrate complex subjects to students.

• High Wing
• Low Wing
• Single Engine
• Multi Engine
• Tricycle Gear
• Taildragger

A great training aid for teaching:
Basics – Yaw, Roll, Thrust, Drag, Pitch, Angle of Attack, Main Aircraft Components, etc.
Power –P-factor, Counter vs Contra-Rotating
Engine Out Performance - Propellers/Engines can be removed to simulate engine out performance, Asymmetric Thrust, Critical Engine, Emergency Procedures.
Landing– Demonstrate the perfect landing attitude, Short or Soft Field, Landing Gear Failures
Center of Gravity – Move the CG Magnets as desired. Weight and Balance, effects on Maneuvering Speed, etc.
Maneuvers – Power On or Off Stalls, Spins, Steep Turns, etc.
Low vs High Wing – Visibility, Landing Characteristics, Aerodynamic Stability, Ground Clearance, System Differences, Performance

Easy assembly with pre-installed movable control surfaces. Includes: Wing, Fuselage, Left Aileron, Right Aileron, Left Flap, Right Flap, Horizontal Stabilizer, Elevator, Rudder, Main Gear, Nose/Tail Wheel, 2 Engines, 2 Propellers, 4 Rubber O-Rings, 2 Magnets, 2 extra pieces of tape. Measures 300mm x 400mm.This item is made to order please allow four weeks for delivery.