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Full Band Radio Digital Demodulator FM/AM/SW/ CB/Air/VHF World Band Stereo Portable Radio with LCD Display Alarm Clock



*Air band reception: 118-138MHZ

* FM band (Fm) reception: 87.5-108MHZ

* Medium wave band (AM) reception: 520-1720KHZ

*Shortwave band (SW) reception: 2-30MHZ

*Civil band (VHF) reception: 30-223MHZ

*Citizen Band (CB) reception: 25-28MHZ


The range of products that can be received is: in addition to the FM, AM, SW that the ordinary radio can receive, it can also receive the aviation band, the maritime band receiving, the civilian VHF intercom band receiving, the US NOAA weather band frequency (162.400/162.425/162.450 /162.475/162.500/162.525/162.550), TV sound.

* The product can use the SQ noise reduction function when receiving the air band and VHF band.

* The product design is intuitive and easy to operate buttons.

* Product design and search methods: manual search, automatic search for radio stations, automatic search for radio stations, operation is very convenient.

* 1 inch self-contained backlight LCD display, accurate display of frequency range, battery symbol, sensitivity indication.

* Two ways to listen to the product design: external speaker, insert ear earphones to listen.

* The medium wave step value of 9KHZ/10KHZ is interchangeable and is not subject to regional restrictions.

* Power supply mode: Built-in large capacity lithium battery: 700mah, 3.7v lithium battery / can be connected to external power supply DC5V

* Set the alarm clock design method: 2 kinds, the sound of the loud sound / radio automatically boot

* Product design can set the automatic shutdown time of 90-80-70-60-50-40-30-20-10 minutes

*The factory accessories have lanyard, which is convenient for carrying out

* The product uses a speaker: 40mm, 8Ω, 1W, sound loud, clear.

* The product uses a steel rod antenna to enhance the receiving sensitivity of the product. The radio is equipped with an extended antenna to facilitate short-wave reception.

* The chip memory is powerful, and there are 50 stations in each band.

* The product casing is sprayed to protect the outer casing from being scratched and worn.


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